22 Sustainable and Ethical Fashion Brands Actually Worth Buying

Clean Clothes is a series examining the fashion industry’s impact on our planet, and the brands, technologies, and people helping us toward a cleaner, more environmentally conscious future.

Think of the fashion world as the film Zoolander. Now think of widespread production practices as Ben Stiller’s character, Derek Zoolander.

Now think of sustainable fashion and ethical clothing as Owen Wilson’s character, Hansel. It’s so hot right now. And not without good reason, to be honest. In case you didn’t get the memo, our planet is basically breaking, and it turns out that a lot of it is down to the way we make stuff.

It’s this dynamic of “trendy through necessity” that makes sustainable fashion such an interesting area right now.

On the one hand, there are undoubtedly designers out there exploring ethical clothing because it makes them look good – that’s how trends work, after all – but there’s loads of other labels exploring new and pioneering techniques now because it’s more than likely that they’ll eventually become the norm if society wants to continue living as comfortably as we have up to now.

But what this interplay ultimately creates is a wide field of brands creating ethical clothing from different starting points, which means that you can dress ethically and still look good, or look good and still dress ethically. With that in mind, here’s a selection of some of the best sustainable brands out there making product that just might help us stop killing polar bears.